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Tea – A Health Drink
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Hi - Tea is a perfect blend of the finest quality teas. It is specially created to meet the genuine taste and choice of tea lovers in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean countries.

Every product of Hi - Tea is exceptional in its aroma and taste. It has a subtle warmth and strength that will instantly refresh you. Marketed as retail packs as well as catering packs, our products are specially packed to preserve freshness and are available in various flavours.

Retail Packs
Pet Bottles

  • Black Tea, 2000 g 
  • Black Tea, 1000 g 
  • Black Tea, 500 g 
  • Black Tea, 250 g 

Tea Bags

  • Pack of 25 tea bags (2 gm in each tea bag) 
  • Pack of 50 tea bags (Net Weight: 100 g) 
  • Pack of 100 tea bags (Net Wight: 200 g) 

Packet Tea

  • Loose Tea 225 g 
  • Loose Tea 450 g 
  • Loose Tea 900 g 

Catering Packs

  • Pack of 100 tea bags 
  • Strong Fresh CTC Black Tea (Net Weight: 1.8 kg) 
  • Strong Fresh CTC Black Tea (Net Weight: 5 kg)