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The manufacturing and packaging plants of Al-Gayathri are located in the Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) a “Free Trade Zone” where the companies are permitted duty free import of raw materials for manufacturing export-quality finished goods.

We make use of the best of facilities and machinery to deliver the high standards expected of us. Al-Gayathri owns and operates two fully integrated, state-of-the-art plants at CSEZ, dedicated to the blending and packaging of tea on par with International Standards. With one of the highest processing capacity in the country, we produce high quality tea at affordable prices and at reduced overhead costs.

Hi-Tea uses computerized facilities and a fully mechanized plant occupying an area of 20,000 sq. ft. for arriving at the proper blend proportions.

Our tea bagging division occupying 15,000 sq. ft. is fully air-conditioned and has state-of-the-art tea bagging machines. Our latest acquisition includes a series of teabag packing facilities imported from Germany. The machines are capable of producing 200 teabags per minute. Our success in utilizing technology to an advantage and using clear-cut marketing strategies has helped us acquire an edge over our competitors.

Working in CSEZ zone has made our operations easy and hassle free with the time lapse between import and export of finished goods reduced to a minimum. A hot spot for leading corporates including ‘Fortune-500’ companies, CSEZ also offers duty free customs service and a reliable administrative support system.

Al-Gayathri makes use of improved warehousing and mechanized loading and unloading methods. The company has been involved in exporting business for a long time and has good contacts in all major ports.