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Al-Gayathri has nearly a decade’s experience in blending and export of bulk and value-added tea. The company has an excellent understanding of the tastes and preferences of people in various major tea markets around the world-especially the Middle East, Russia and CIS countries.

Hi-Tea’s premium offering is black and flavored teas in tea bags. The Hi-Tea brand also comprises many other new products such as herbal tea, organic tea, black tea, green tea, iced-tea and various flavored teas. They are available in pet bottles, as packet tea and in cartons and loose packs. All the packing processes are carried out in our own well-maintained facilities to maintain top-notch quality.

Technical Specifications:

  • Tea bags: Sealed hardboard boxes available in 25/ 50/100/200 nos of 2 gm bags. 
  • CTC tea in Packets: Sealed cartons of 48 nos of 225gms/ 24 nos of 450gms/12 nos of 900gms. 
  • CTC tea in Pet bottles: Sealed cartons of 48 nos of 250gms/ 24 nos of 500gms/12 nos of 1000gms/6 nos of 2000gms. 
  • Leaf tea in Packets: Sealed cartons of 24 nos of 500gms/ 12 nos of 1000gms. 
  • Also available as per specific customer requests/ specifications.