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Al-Gayathri created and introduced Hi-Tea to the world by analyzing and understanding the tea market and utilizing extensive experience in this field.

Our success has been in understanding that a refreshing cup of tea requires the right blend, quality, taste, aroma and packing. Our team of tea-tasters, buying agents, blenders and packers is well qualified in the tea industry and ensures exceptional quality in every batch. They also make sure that our products are made to match the client’s requirements and within strict deadlines.

By our process of blending, the individual teas combine to become superior in taste and aroma. The entire process, right from buying tea at auctions to the development of final products targeted at International markets, is undertaken at our own facilities. 

Evidently, the right blending is very important in keeping a consistent flavour for every batch.Our R&D experts have a significant role to play in perfecting every blend and exploring new possibilities.

We also incessantly study the markets and the tastes of our target customers to introduce new and improved brands and flavours and to remain well ahead of our competitors.