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Hi-Tea products are made using tea leaves obtained mainly from the tea plantations in Southern India. Tender tea leaves are selected since it is known to give the best of flavours and aroma. After plucking, the water content in the leaves is removed by drying it.

The next step in tea processing is fermentation or oxidation. In this process, the chlorophyll in the tea leaves is broken down and as a result it becomes darker in colour. The period of oxidation depends on the type of product and the flavour desired.

Then the tea leaves are subjected to moderate heat to stop the oxidation, the process known as kill green. The leaves are then sent to specially-built rolling machines where they are further processed. After curing and drying the tea is ready to be blended and packed.

Blended tea which is conveyed to the packing machines through a conveyor is made into tea bags and packed in boxes. It is then sealed to retain maximum freshness. The entire process is carried out in a perfectly hygienic environment.